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Unkindest slash of all

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Join the conspiracy!
A community entirely dedicated to Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. Fic, discussion, fanvids, or questions about the play are all welcome here! Ficwise, all pairings are welcome, from Brutus/Cassius to Portia/Calphurnia. In fact, it's our unofficial ambition eventually to write every conceivable pairing from the play, so don't hold back! Crossovers with other Shakespeare plays are fine. If you think that Brutus and Hotspur are soulmates, go for it. Introductory posts are also fine, as are community!pimping posts. Or even feel free just to post about the play's insane slashiness! Any suggestions for the community are all welcome.


1. Please stick to Julius Caesar. No Antony and Cleopatra unless it's strictly relevant. A fic in which Antony witters on to Cleo about his unrequited passion for Cassius is fine: a fic about the epic love between Cleo and Charmian is not. Please, refrain from posting slash from HBO's Rome as well.

2. All fics and long entries behind cuts.

3. Please please please observe all the rules of punctuation and grammar in all posts.

4. Any explicit fic behind cuts.

5. It goes without saying that personal insults to other users are unacceptable.