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BBC 1969 Julius Caesar

I was looking for something else on YouTube and it threw this at me - the BBC 1969 Julius Caesar with Edward Woodward and Robert Stephens, which I don't think has been easily available as much as the others? Sharing here, anyway:


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9th Jul, 2015 15:34 (UTC)
Ooh, I hope it stays up! Until next week anyway.

Thanks for linking:)
9th Jul, 2015 19:36 (UTC)
It looks as if it's been up for 7 months, so here's hoping no one steals it away before you get to it. I was wondering if you'd already seen it, what with Edward Woodward being in it. :-)
11th Jul, 2015 14:44 (UTC)
I did look ages ago. It was locked in the vaults of the Beeb then and I went off in a huff never to return!
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