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really really REALLY old fanvid!

hey guys!! so I made this fanvid a really long time ago (i want to say, like, 2 years ago) but at the time youtube wouldn't let me upload it (well, wouldn't let anyone watch it) because of the music. i found it while rummaging through some files from my old computer, and decided to give it another shot, and it worked!!! so here is a brutus/cassius vid, set to "that's all" by genesis. enjoy!

Random little anniversary

Apparently, it is 90 years ago today since the BBC broadcast their first ever bit of drama on the radio in 1923. And what scene did they choose for that landmark? Well, it was the quarrel scene from Julius Caesar. In celebration, the BBC broadcast the same scene from the latest production today.

(BBC Radio things quite often play outside the UK, but apologies if it doesn't. I thought it was a fun fact, anyway.)

(Not sure at all what tag this should have, never mind.)

New fic writing challenge comm

Over on Dreamwidth, but you can join via Open ID if you don't have an account:

[community profile] unconventionalcourtship

A panfandom writing ficathon to take the summary of a Mill & Boon/Harlequin romance and turn it into an amusing fic involving your own favourite star-crossed pairing.

I didn't just agree to pimp this here solely for the excuse of making this, honest:


I don't know if anyone's still around, but all fandoms are welcome and I thought it was the sort of thing that might appeal here somehow. All details etc. are at the comm.

(I am assuming that this is okay to post? Or at least, it must be if I made the banner specially? If not, apologies, mods, and I will remove at once.)

Fic rec

Because there was a Julius Caesar fic that happened for yuletide and it was pretty amazing and one of my favourite things in this year's collection. It's sort of marvellous and unexpected meta as well as an exploration of Cassius and Brutus/Cassius and very well written and so you should all go read it.

Acted Over (3142 words) by pauraque
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Julius Caesar - Shakespeare, Classical Greece and Rome History & Literature RPF
Rating: Mature
Warning: Major Character Death
Relationships: Marcus Brutus/Caius Cassius
Characters: Caius Cassius, Marcus Brutus, Portia, Junia, Pindarus

For Brutus, there is always time — time to consider, time to speak, time to make his point in twenty ponderously balanced lines. For Cassius, there is barely time to breathe.

Just going to leave this here...

I've just posted about this on my Tumblr, but I thought I should post it here, too, for your... delight? delectation? general WTFery?

I was just casually surfing, when - quite by chance, I swear! - I came across this:

I don't even know.Collapse )

(Edited because I cannot HTML.)
My fellow conspirators, after trying and failing to find a source for Fog on Tertia (see post below for details), I find myself wanting to read/write more about Tertia.  I encourage you all to respond to this post with fics, ficlets, songs, poems, historical speculation, and, above all LOADS of bad puns in her honor. Why should we let Cicero have all of the fun? ;)

Junia Tertia Question

I believe fandom in general ( . . . such as we are ;) ) operates on the assumption that Junia Tertia and Cassius were married something like a year or two before the assassination. At any rate, I know I operate on that assumption, and all the fics I can think of off the top of my head do likewise. That said, can anyone point me to any published/scholarly (or at least semi-scholarly) source that says as much? I don't care whether said source is ancient or modern, Roman history or Shakespearean commentary---just anything that explains this at all would be really fantastic.

(I lie slightly: I do care whether the explanation/evidence comes from a historical or a literary field, but only insofar as I want to know which camp is saying it.)

ETA: Crappy synopsis of period sources on Tertia. I may yet clean this up at some point.

Not that there's actually all that muchCollapse )

Flailing introduction plus fic!

Hi! I'm new (linked here by lost_spook a few days back, and finally able to post now that my computer has stopped being profoundly broken) and... Very awkward as you can probably guess! XDDD But, um, yes: I finally saw my first production of Julius Caesar this weekend (the recent RSC one), enjoyed it immensely and almost immediately started searching for/writing fic! So - here's the first one I've wrote, and hopefully more will be coming in the future~:

Title: When You Loved Me
Pairing: Brutus/Cassius
Rating: PG
Summary: “You used to love me once,” Cassius whispers in his ear. Late, in the middle of the night, when he’s not quite sure if it’s real or dreaming, “more than a friend, more than a brother - you wouldn’t have let me convince you otherwise.”

Here at AO3!

Julius Caesar on TV

Hi! Just wanted to pass the word along that the filmed version of the RSC's current production of Julius Caesar is being broadcast on Sunday 24 June, at 8.00pm on BBC4. So, if you're a UK conspirator, be sure to catch it! (No idea if it's going to be broadcast anywhere else, sorry.)

This production, directed by Gregory Doran, is part of the World Shakespeare Festival, and transfers the action from ancient Rome to modern Africa. It stars Paterson Joseph as Brutus, Cyril Nri as Cassius, Ray Fearon as Antony, and Jeffrey Kissoon as Caesar. You can find out more about it on the RSC's page.

The production is currently running in Stratford, and will be touring. I have tickets booked to see it in Newcastle next month. Can't wait! :)