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Oops, I Killed Caesar Again

I join the conspiracy :) With a video. Which has a very_trivial_soundtrack. Well, it seemed funny once. Maybe the next vid will be more original, supposing I ever make it.



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31st Aug, 2014 15:55 (UTC)

What a fun idea! This song was so ever-present in my preteen years--I can't help but love when it turns up now (some might say like a bad penny). I particularly love what you did with Antony's smirk as the mob riots, but I'm glad you didn't just focus on Antony and decided to give everyone the chance to play with a heart. Fun stuff. I've watched it a few times.
31st Aug, 2014 17:34 (UTC)
Thank you.
'The right to play with a heart for everyone! Let nobody be deprived!' :)
31st Aug, 2014 19:15 (UTC)
LOL - the random lip-synching in the middle was particularly priceless!
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