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Fic Hunt

Halp!! I just went looking for Of Noble Men (that really awesome Brutus/Cassius fic IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER), by dicaxscriptor, only to discover that it and dicaxscriptor are GONE. Does anyone know of another place on the interwebs that this fic might reside?


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23rd Nov, 2013 04:40 (UTC)
Aw damn, I didn't realize it was gone.
27th Nov, 2013 16:29 (UTC)
Ah, I remember that wonderful fic! Do you have a link to where it would be? If so, it might be possible to get it back...
2nd Dec, 2013 19:01 (UTC)
Sorry I failed to notice your reply for days. Here's a link (fished out of the B/C manifesto). If you can work magic with it, that would be so awesome.

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