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Fanfic: On Such a Full Sea

Hi, everyone! *waves* How goes it? It has been a long, long time since I've written any JC fic, and I do miss it here, so... here's an AU plotbunny that started gnawing at me a few months ago, and which I've finally finished.

Title: On Such a Full Sea
Pairing, Characters: Brutus/Cassius
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mostly my dodgy grasp of naval jargon and the mechanics of sailing; heavy-handed metaphor; some very mild suggestiveness.
Word count: 3984
Disclaimer: Shakespeare and history have this one covered.
Summary: Age of Sail AU. In which Caesar is the too-ambitious commodore, Brutus is the honourable but conflicted first lieutenant, Cassius is the shifty purser, and there is one word hanging unsaid in the air.
A/N: Because of reasons. Most of those reasons being that the Age of Sail is awesome, and everything should have an Age of Sail AU. EVERYTHING. I’ve got some a wee bit of self-indulgent waffle re: AOS-ifying Julius Caesar, and making excuses for some historical licence and borrowed quotes, but I’ve put that at the end to spare you!

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