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Obscure & British Commentfest 2016

A multifandom commentfest for tiny to medium British fandoms of all kinds. All fanworks welcome. (Click on the banner for the link.)

BBC 1969 Julius Caesar

I was looking for something else on YouTube and it threw this at me - the BBC 1969 Julius Caesar with Edward Woodward and Robert Stephens, which I don't think has been easily available as much as the others? Sharing here, anyway:

A couple of videos

This one might seem even sympathetic to Caesar.
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And a short video about mighty feelings.
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Various past Julius Caesars

The Radio Times now has on online archive of its TV and Radio Listings for 1923-2009, and I was playing about with it, searching for some actors I'm interested, and hit on this - listing for a BBC 1960 production of Julius Caesar, including the cast:

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Oops, I Killed Caesar Again

I join the conspiracy :) With a video. Which has a very_trivial_soundtrack. Well, it seemed funny once. Maybe the next vid will be more original, supposing I ever make it.


Yakety Caesar

So, I was messing around with speed control in ye video editing program, and then this just sort of . . . happened.

I can assure you that (from a historical standpoint) it basically represents the aftermath of the assassination of Julius Caesar, what with how poorly the conspirators had managed the long-term planning aspect.


Fic (ish): At Philippi

So, about a month ago, I found myself in the somewhat surprising position of being expected to write a short play featuring the ghost of Caesar. However, despite being very low in ambition in the department of writing plays, I am considerably higher in ambition in the department of Cassius the subject matter; thus, after much cudgeling of brains and bullying of words, I find myself in possession of a play thing. Which, by the way, despite referencing Shakespeare, assumes that Philippi is in fact two battles, instead of Shakespeare's one conflated battle.

Many many thanks, as ever, to gignocum for very useful brainstorming when I stalled out about three-quarters of the way through; for the original (and, in some cases, final) text of certain passages; for sundry other points of advice; for assurances that I am not, in fact, an incompetent author; etc., etc. Further thanks to my friends P, L and C (as well as gig) for reading through two drafts of this and providing helpful ideas for how to make it not suck.

Also . . . if anyone happens to be in the Boston, MA, area around the Nones of March, you could come see this play performed (by self, gig, the aforementioned P, L and C, and additional talent G) at the Democracy Center in Cambridge on March 8th at 8PM. /shameless promotion

Title: At Philippi
Characters: Brutus, Caesar, Cassius, Portia, others
Summary: That night in Sardis, the ghost of Caesar had appeared to Brutus to schedule (rather insistently) a future meeting. This probably isn't what either of them expected when they marked their respective appointment books for Philippi.
Word Count: about 1900

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Fic Hunt

Halp!! I just went looking for Of Noble Men (that really awesome Brutus/Cassius fic IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER), by dicaxscriptor, only to discover that it and dicaxscriptor are GONE. Does anyone know of another place on the interwebs that this fic might reside?

Brutus & Cassius Icons

A couple of icons for the BBC's Play of the Month adaptation of Julius Caesar (1969) with Frank Finlay as Brutus and Edward Woodward as Cassius.

julius cease b and c brutuws

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Fanfic: On Such a Full Sea

Hi, everyone! *waves* How goes it? It has been a long, long time since I've written any JC fic, and I do miss it here, so... here's an AU plotbunny that started gnawing at me a few months ago, and which I've finally finished.

Title: On Such a Full Sea
Pairing, Characters: Brutus/Cassius
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mostly my dodgy grasp of naval jargon and the mechanics of sailing; heavy-handed metaphor; some very mild suggestiveness.
Word count: 3984
Disclaimer: Shakespeare and history have this one covered.
Summary: Age of Sail AU. In which Caesar is the too-ambitious commodore, Brutus is the honourable but conflicted first lieutenant, Cassius is the shifty purser, and there is one word hanging unsaid in the air.
A/N: Because of reasons. Most of those reasons being that the Age of Sail is awesome, and everything should have an Age of Sail AU. EVERYTHING. I’ve got some a wee bit of self-indulgent waffle re: AOS-ifying Julius Caesar, and making excuses for some historical licence and borrowed quotes, but I’ve put that at the end to spare you!

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On AO3.